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The Home of Leadership Thinking

Leadership Options is a leading provider of leadership development and assessment services to the private and public sector. We have delivered learning and assessment solutions to blue-chip companies and the public sector, both locally and internationally.

Our unique approach to leadership and management development the result of a PhD research study by our Director: Leadership and Corporate Consulting, Morne Mostert, delivers innovative solutions that ensure rapid ROI and sustainable results at all levels.

While our products and services are thoroughly researched and meticulously designed , our preferred approach is to co-design solutions with clients. Our experience shows that such an approach to learning and consulting solutions yield the most returns in terms of sustainable behavioural change for organizations and individuals.

The Home of World Leadership Day

Leadership Options is the owner of World Leadership Day, an influential global think tank for enhancing the quality of Leadership in the world. We celebrate World Leadership Day as an annual growing international event to inspire, connect and transform leadership thinking and development across generations, gender and culture. The event is held on 20 March all over the world. We publish a report on the state of global Leadership through the World Leadership Day Journal, which appears around the annual event. WLD wishes to build a dynamic global World Leadership Day Network and form partnerships with like-minded groups across the globe. It was founded on 20 March 2007, in Sydney Australia, by Elisabeth Gortschacher. We have a presence in 20 countries on 5 continents. Countries are represented by ambassadors. The President is Dr Morne Mostert, based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Become an Ambassador for your country, or join as a High Commissioner to support the current ambassador in your country. Participate here:

About our directors

Morne Mostert is an internationally experienced Leadership and Management Development specialist, with over 17 years experience in helping leaders and managers to grow and learn. He has spent four years in this field in the London, UK and consults to blue-chip companies in South Africa and internationally.

Morne has completed a PhD that produced a breakthrough innovation methodology for the development of leaders known as Systemic Leadership Learning. This model was published as a successful book by Knowledge Resources in November 2012. To join the social network of HR and leadership experts around this model, click

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Our Values

The following principles govern our behaviour as we deliver our training, assessment and consulting services:

  • Performance from Learning
    • Noticeable performance improvements as a result of our services
  • Authentic Solutions
    • Real solutions based on real client needs
  • Creative Growth
    • Dynamic, innovative and client-centered development
  • Economic Benefit
    • Tangible Return On Investment
  • Being Human
    • Connecting with people